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  • Funmilade Taiwo

    Funmilade Taiwo

    Poetry and UX stuff. funmilade.design

  • Robert Drury

    Robert Drury

    Helping people kick start their product management career at gettingstartedinproduct.com * Product person at Watchfinder

  • Amalik Amriou

    Amalik Amriou

    Agile Team Leader — Product & Data @ Peaks. Currently Senior Product Owner Big Data & Messaging @ Bedrock / M6 https://amalikamriou.com

  • Good Advice Publishing

    Good Advice Publishing

    What do you want to know more about today? Follow our latest at https://medium.com/good-advice-publishing

  • Damon Cho

    Damon Cho

  • Kostas Paschalidis

    Kostas Paschalidis

  • Siddhanth Pachipala

    Siddhanth Pachipala

    Sometimes I write words. Sometimes they make sense. Native Houstonian, psychology researcher, and poet.

  • Igor Arkhipov

    Igor Arkhipov

    CBAP | Business analysis | Enterprise architecture | Agile — Find me on linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/igarkhipov/

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